12 de diciembre de 2014


bitter sweet

summer nights
better spent outside,
looking at the sky.

space is not dark,
splashes of watercolors,
of yellow and purple
pierce through blue stars.

but look!
someone has taken
a spoonful from
the moon,

what does it taste like?

rocks in your mouth.

spring walk
-according to Google Maps, the walk from Japan to the People´s Republic of China
would take us 31 days and 16 hours. the pink leaves of the spring cherry blossom would kiss our dirty feet as we left and the song of a spotted woodpecker would meet us in Shanghai. we should make a careful sum of the minutes so we don´t arrive at night. we should be prepared: in this route there might not be roads or walking trails. we should write
our books with bamboo and stone. we´d better get going.

To begin:
face north.

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